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Two types of visas are available for Mozambican and Swazi nationals for visiting India - regular visas issued by the High Commission of India in Maputo, and Electronic visas obtained through the internet..

Electronic Visas are for persons who wish to travel to India for tourism, visiting friends/relatives, short-duration medical treatment or check-up, or for casual business contacts. The maximum duration of stay in India is 60 days.

For obtaining an Electronic Visa, the applicant does not need to visit the High Commission premises at all. The entire process can be completed from the comfort of one's home. The visa application is submitted online, and the visa is received by email within four days, which can be printed out and carried by the traveler.

The procedure for applying for an Electronic Visa may be seen at the following link

Electronic Visa (e-Visa) for India

Government of India has introduced the Electronic Visa (e-Visa) to facilitate travel to India by citizens of many friendly countries. Both Mozambique and Swaziland are among the countries whose citizens are eligible to travel to India on an e-Visa. The process of obtaining an e-Visa is simple, and you do not need to visit the Indian High Commission at all for this. You can complete the process from the comfort of your home. You will receive the visa by email within a few days, and you can carry a print-out with you when you travel.

The e-Visa can be used if you want to travel to India for recreation, sightseeing, casual visit to meet friends or relatives, short duration medical treatment or casual business visit. e-Visa has 3 sub-categories i.e., e-Tourist visa (Double entry), e-Business visa (Double entry,) and e-Medical Visa (Triple entry). Validity of e-Visa will be 60 days from the date of arrival in India. You are permitted to club these categories. e-Visa can be availed for maximum of two times in a year (i.e. between January to December)

This e-Visa facility is in addition to the existing Regular Visa service

Your passport should have at least 6 months validity from the date you arrive in India, and it must contain at least two blank pages for affixing the immigration stamps at the airport. You should also have a return ticket, and enough funds to support your intended duration of stay in India.

The High Commission of India strongly recommends nationals of Mozambique and Swaziland to make use of the e-Visa facility, as long as they meet the above conditions. In this connection, it is important to note that the correct website for applying for an Indian e-Visa is There are a number of fraud/fake websites on the internet, which promise to facilitate Indian e-Visa for travelers. Applicants are strongly advised to avoid using any other website for applying for the e-Visa. Please only use the website mentioned above.

In case you wish to apply for an e-Visa and have any doubt about the procedure, please contact the High Commission on +258-21492437, 21490717 (between 0900 hrs and 1200 Hrs) or at


The High Commission accepts visa applications primarily from Mozambican and Swazi nationals. Visa applications from other nationals resident in either Mozambique or Swaziland are also accepted, subject to their providing proof of residence (DIRE/Resident Permit).
Applications from other nationals, not resident in Mozambique/Swaziland, are also accepted and processed, subject to necessary clearances that need to be obtained. In such cases, processing time would be a minimum of three working days and visa will be issued subject to clearance from the Indian Mission in the country of residence of the applicant.

Please Note

The prescribed validity of the visa commences from the date of issue of the visa and not from the date of arrival in India.

When applying for a visa, applicants should ensure that their passport should be valid for a minimum period of six months and have at least 2 blank pages available for grant of a visa.

Procedure for applying for a Regular Indian Visa:

All applicants for an Indian visa are required to fill in the online visa application using the website (It has been observed that some fake websites are receiving money from Indian visa applicants as application service providers. The High Commission of India, Maputo does not endorse these websites and is not responsible for any money being charged by them)

Hand-written applications are no longer accepted. After filling up the application form online, please take a printout of the computer generated application form, duly signed by the applicant himself/herself, and submit the same, in person or by an authorized person, on the date of the appointment along with the passport, affixed photograph (not stapled), and bring the requisite documents with appropriate visa fee to the High Commission of India, Av. Kenneth Kaunda No. 167, Maputo between 0900 hrs and 1200 hrs for further processing. The High Commission requires a minimum of two working days to process and issue a visa, depending upon the nationality and excluding special cases. The time for collection of visas/consular services from the High Commission is between 1615 hrs and 1645 hrs.

Applications for consular services/visas are accepted and delivered only during the times specified above. No applications will be accepted nor consular documents delivered/collected outside the specified timing except in exceptional circumstances and subject to payment of emergency fees, if any.

Main type of Visas and Requirements: