Indian Consulate Swaziland

Emergency Cases   

Emergency cases where consular services are required on the same working day will be considered on a case-by-case basis depending on the nature of the emergency and subject to the production of documentary proof, if any.
Emergency contact can only be contacted in when an applicant needs to travel urgently in connection with death or serious sickness of a family member in India. The need for travel on any other ground is not an emergency and applicants are advised to submit their applications at least 5 days prior to date of travel.
In order to ensure that this number is only used for emergency calls, the person making the request for an emergency service should first send a brief SMS outlining the emergency situation he/she is in and the service required. The person would be contacted shortly thereafter by the emergency officer to address the issue.
Phone calls to the emergency number will not be responded to unless preceded by a SMS For emergency services, please contact: Ramesh Chand, Second Secretary (Consular): +258-823050238 or email